The following is a list of faculty, professors emeriti, adjunct faculty, and associate members. Click on a professor's name to view their profile, research interests and recent publications.



Gary Bone, B.Sc. (Queen's), M.Eng., Ph.D. (McMaster), P. Eng.; Robotics, Manufacturing Automation

Chan Y. Ching, B.Sc. (Peradeniya), Ph.D. (Syracuse), P. Eng.; Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Multi-Phase Flow

James S. Cotton, B.Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D. (McMaster), P. Eng.; Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal System Designs

Mohamed A. Elbestawi, B.Sc. (Alexandria), M.Eng., Ph.D. (McMaster), P.Eng.; Manufacturing Engineering, Machine Tools, Machining Processes, Computer Aided Manufacturing

Ali Emadi, B.S., M.S., (Sharif University of Technology); Ph.D., (Texas A&M University); Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain; Director, McMaster Institute for Automotive Research and Technology

Saeid Habibi, B.Sc. (Dundee), Ph.D. (Cambridge), P. Eng.; Control, Mechatronics, Actuation Systems, Hybrid Technologies

Mohamed S. Hamed, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Alexandria), Ph.D. (Western Ontario), P. Eng.; Thermal Processing of Materials, Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Optimization of Energy Efficiencies in Industrial Processes

Mukesh K. Jain, B.E. (Indian Institute of Science), M.A.Sc. (Windsor), D.Sc. (Washington), P. Eng.; Solid Mechanics, Metal Forming, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering

Philip Koshy, B.E. (Anna), M.Tech., Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur), P. Eng.; Machining Processes

Marilyn F. Lightstone, B.Sc. (Queen's), M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Waterloo), Chair, P. Eng.; Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Turbulent Flow Modelling

Ishwar K. Puri, B.Sc. (University of Delhi), M.S., Ph.D. (University of California San Diego); Dean, Thermal Fluid Science, Nanoscale Heat Transfer, Magnetic Fluids and Nanoparticles, Mathematical Biology

Ponnambalam (Ravi) Selvaganapathy, B.Tech. (Central Electrochemical Research Institute, India), M.S., Ph.D. (Michigan), P. Eng. Canada Research Chair in Biomicrofluidics; Micro/Nanofabrication, Bioprinting, Biomedical microedevices, Microelectromechanical systems and Microfluidics

Sumanth Shankar, B.Tech. (Banaras Hindu), Ph.D. (Worcester Polytechnic), Braley-Orlick Chair In Advanced Manufacutring Engineering; Solidification Processing, Advanced Microscopy and Diffraction, Transport Phenomenon

Stephen C. Veldhuis, B.Eng.Mgt., (McMaster), M.Eng. (Carnegie Mellon), Ph.D. (McMaster), P. Eng.; Manufacturing Engineering, Machine Tool Accuracy, Controls, Machine Condition Monitoring

Peidong Wu, B.Sc. (Zhejiang), M.Eng. (China University of Mining), Ph.D. (Delft); P.Eng.; Mechanics of Engineering Materials and Composites

Samir Ziada, B.Sc. (Cairo), M.Eng. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Lehigh), P. Eng.; Aeroacoustics, Flow Induced Vibrations & Noise, Unsteady Flows, Flow Control


Associate Professors

Eu-Gene Ng, Dipl. Mech. Eng. (Singapore Polytechnic), B.Eng., Ph.D. (Birmingham),; Finite Element Analysis, Manufacturing

Tim J. Nye, B.A.Sc. (Waterloo), M.Sc. (Ohio State), Ph.D. (Waterloo), P. Eng.; Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Research, Process Modelling

Mateusz P. Sklad, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Warsaw); Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Formability Analysis, Deformation Modelling

Allan D. Spence, (on leave) B.Math., M.A.Sc. (Waterloo), Ph.D. (British Columbia), P. Eng.; Dimensional Metrology, Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing Automation

Stephen Tullis, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Queen's), Ph.D. (Cambridge), P. Eng.; Combustion, Turbulence, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Gregory R. Wohl, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Calgary), P. Eng.; Biomechanics

Fengjun Yan B.Sc. (Harbin Institute of Technology, China), M. Sc. (Tsinghua University, China), Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, U.S.); Internal Combustion Engines


Assistant Professors

Tohid Didar, B.Sc. (Sharif University, Iran), Ph.D. (McGill, Montreal),; Biomedical Engineering, PDF, Harvard University (Wyss Institute), Boston, USA, 2016

Elizabeth Hassan, B.Sc. (Queen's), MESc. (University of Western Ontario), MDes (OCADU, Toronto), Ph.D (Queen's)

Colin McDonald, B.E.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Western University, London, ON; Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Western Universtiy, London, ON; P.Eng

Zahra K. Motamed, B.Sc. and MASc. (Sharif University, Iran), Ph.D. (Concordia University, Montreal)

Cheryl Quenneville, B.Sc. (Queen's), M.Sc. (University of Western Ontario), Ph.D. (University of Western Ontario); P.Eng.; Biomechanical Engineering


Emeritus Professors

Mohammed A. Dokainish, B.Sc. (Cairo), M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Toronto), P. Eng.; Finite Element Methods, Dynamics

Ross L. Judd, B.E.Sc. (Western), M.Eng. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Michigan), P. Eng.; Flow Induced Vibrations, Heat Transfer, Two Phase Flow and Boiling Heat Transfer

Mamdouh Shoukri, B.Sc. (Cairo), M.Eng., Ph.D. (McMaster), P. Eng.; Two Phase Flow, Heat Transfer, Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics

David S. Weaver, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Waterloo), P. Eng.; Elasticity, Flow Induced Vibrations, Theoretical Mechanics


Emeritus Professors Posthumous

Brian Latto, B.Sc. (London), Ph,.D. (Glasgow), P.Eng., C.Eng.

George F. Round, B.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. (Birmingham), F.C.I.C.; Non-thermal Plasma Control of Gas and Vapour Emissions,Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics Research on Turbomachines

Jiri Tlusty, Dipl. Ing., Ph.D., D.Sc., (Prague), P.Eng.

John H.T. Wade, M.A.Sc., Ph.D., (Toronto), P.Eng.


Associate Members

Robert Fleisig, [Jul/2011 to Jun/2019] B.A.Sc. (Waterloo), M.Eng., Ph.D. (McMaster)

Fei Geng, [Jul/2016 to Jun/2019]

McDermid, Joseph, [Jul/2016 to Jun/2021] B.Sc. (Queen's), M.Eng., Ph.D. (McGill), P. Eng.; NSERC/US Steel Canada/Xstrata Zinc Industrial Research Chair in Zinc-Coated Advanced Steels

Adjunct Members

Ryan AHMED [Jul/2015 to Jun/2020] B.Sc. (Ain Shams University, Egypt), M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (McMaster), P.Eng. / (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, North America)

Naifa AL-MUTAWALY [Jan/2016 to Jun/2021] B.Sc. (Mosul University, Iraq), M.Sc., Ph.D. (McMaster), P.Eng. / (Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology)

Doug K. CHANG [Jan/2009 to Dec/2018] B.A.Sc. (Inha Univeristy, Korea), M.A.Sc. (Hong-Ik University, Korea), M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Windsor), P.Eng. / (Ford Motor Company)

Marwan HASSAN [Jul/2015 to Jun/2020], BSc. (Helwan University, Cairo), MSc. (Tuskegee University, Alabama), Ph.D. (McMaster) / (University of Guelph)

Andrew N. HRYMAK [Jul/2016 to Jun/2021], B.Eng. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon, Pennsylvania), P.Eng., / (University of Western Ontario)

Frederic Jean Luc LESAGE [Jan/2017 to Jun/2022], B.Sc. (McMaster), M.A.Sc. (University of Montreal), Ph.D. (McMaster) /(Université du Québec en Outaouais)

Donald R. METZGER [Jul/2015 to Jun/2020] B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (McMaster), P.Eng. / (Atomic Energy of Canada Limite

Francisco J. PEREZ-PINAL [Jan/2016 to Jun/2021] B.Sc. (National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico), M.Sc. (Nottingham, U.K.), Ph.D. (AUtonoma de San Luis Potosi, Mexcio) / (Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology)

Anthony ROBINSON [Jul/2013 to Jun/2018] B.Eng. M. Eng., Ph.D. (McMaster) / (University of Dublin, Ireland)

Muthukumarsamy SADAYAPPAN [Jul/2017 to Jun/2022] B.Eng (Annamalai University, India), M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India) / (Canmet Materials)

Adam TIMMONS [Jul/2013 to Jun/2018] B.Sc., CAS, (Acadia University), Ph.D. (Dalhousie University) / (Chrysler Group LLC)

Mohammed Tauhiduzzaman [May/2017 to April/2020], B.Sc. (Bangladesh), M.Eng. (Singapore), Ph.D. (McMaster)

Jimi TJONG [Jul/2009 to Jun/2019] B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Windsor), P.Eng., / (Ford Motor Company)

Yu-Chih TSENG [Jul/2014 to Jun/2019] BASc. (Toronto), M.Sc., Ph.D., (University of California, Berkeley) / (Canmet Materials)

Xiaohua WU [Jul/2015 to Jun/2020] B.Eng. (University of Science & Technology, China) M.Sc. (Zhejiang University, China), Ph.D. (University of Manitoba), P.Eng. / (Royal Canadian Military College of Canada)