The following courses are offered at the third level of study:

Mech Eng 3A03

Engineering Mechanics

Please see Level 2 course info page.

Mech Eng 3C03

Manufacturing Engineering

Please see Level 2 course info page.

Mech Eng 3E05

Mechanical Engineering Design II

3-D stress transformation, curved beams, thick walled pressure vessels, contact stresses, fatigue, bolted and welded joints, machine elements. The laboratories feature a major design project from concept development through analysis to formal report preparation.

Four lectures, one lab (two hours); second term
Prerequisite(s): ENGINEER 2P04 or MECHENG 2P04; 2Q04 or, 2QA4 and 3A03 Antirequisite(s): MECHENG 3E04

Mech Eng 3F04

Modelling and Numerical Solutions

An introductory course in numerical analysis covering such topics as numerical differentiation, integration, curve-fitting and the solution of differential equations and systems of linear and non-linear equations.

Four lectures; first term
Prerequisite(s): Registration in any Mechanical Engineering program
ME 3F04 Website

Mech Eng 3M03

Composite Laboratory

Laboratory exercises in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, solid mechanics, and machining processes.

One lab (three hours); both terms
Prerequisite(s): Registration in any Mechanical Engineering program Antirequisite(s): MECHENG 3M02

Mech Eng 3O04

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid properties and statics, conservation laws, applications of the continuity, momentum and energy equations, dimensional analysis and similarity, boundary layer flow, internal and external flows.

Three lectures, one tutorial (two hours); first term
Prerequisite(s): Both MATH 2M03 and 2MM3 (or 2M06), or both MATH 2Z03 and 2ZZ3, or both MATH 2P04 and 2Q04; and registration in any Mechanical Engineering program

Mech Eng 3R03

Heat Transfer

Application of the laws of conduction, convection and radiation to problems in heat transfer. Steady and transient conduction in solids. Laminar and turbulent convection. Radiation heat transfer processes. Boiling and condensation heat transfer.

Three lectures; second term
Prerequisite: MATH 2M03 (or 2M06), or MATH 2Z03, and MECH ENG 2W04

Mech Eng 4Q03

Mechanical Vibrations

Transient and steady state vibration of single- and multi-degree of freedom systems. Free and forced vibrations of single and multiple degree-of-freedom mechanical systems, transient response, damping and vibration isolation.

Three lectures; first term
Prerequisite(s): ENGINEER 2Q04 or MECHENG 2Q04 or 2QA4 and registration in any Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics program

Mech Eng 4R03

Control Systems

Fundamentals of linear, continuous control systems. Control system performance in both time and frequency domains. Design and analysis of controllers.

Three lectures; second term
Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level III Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Co-op (B.Eng.); or Level IV Mechanical Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering and Management Co-op (B.Eng.Mgt.) or Mechanical Engineering and Society, Mechanical Engineering and Society Co-op (B.Eng.Society)
Antirequisite(s): ELECENG 3CA3, 3CK4, 3TP3, 3TP4