Undergraduate Programmes

The undergraduate Mechanical Engineering programme provides an opportunity for students with an aptitude for the physical sciences and mathematics to fully develop their capabilites and apply them to the engineering programme. The total time from admission to Engineering to graduation with a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering is four years and five years for the combined B.Eng. Management degree or the B.Eng. Society degree. Graduates of the programme have provided valuable feedback to the programme, which helps to maintain the relevance of the undergraduate curriculum to current engineering applications. The following list is a summary of the programmes offered by the department:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Management
  • Mechanical Engineering and Society

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering will be educated engineers with a strong background in mathematics, basic sciences, and engineering science. The engineer will also be educated in the principles of design with the inclusion of the economic dimension as recognition that in engineering the final solution to every engineering problem has to include the cost factor. It is also important that the engineer be educated to recognize that the benefits must be weighted for social use and social values. The Department of Mechanical Engineering recognizes the need for an engineer who possesses social awareness and responsibilty with courses aimed at giving the students an understanding of the relationship between technology and society.

The Department has established four undergraduate curriculum disciplines. Elective for these four streams are available in a student's final year of study. These undergraduate specialties are closely connected to the ongoing research areas of the department. For more information about the available streams in Mechanical Engineering, please refer to the Summary of Fourth Year Technical Electives. If you have any questions about streams, please contact Dr. Greg Wohl (Undergraduate Student Advisor).