Dr. Mohamed S. Hamed, P. Eng
B.Sc., M.Sc. (Alexandria), Ph.D. (Western Ontario)











I have been involved in a wide range of engineering activities related to the design and operation of multi-million-dollar projects. My industrial experience, generally speaking, is in the field of "Thermal Engineering" , more specifically it is related to the following applications:-

A) Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)      Systems:-

  1. Heating and Cooling Load calculations.

  2. Duct Design.

  3. Design of systems for mixing of multiple (stratified) gas streams.

B) Energy Auditing - Assessment and Determination of Energy saving Opportunities (EOS) in various Industrial Operations:-

  1. HVAC systems.

  2. Boilers and steam distribution systems.

  3. Process energy management.

  4. Industrial insulation and waste heat recovery.

  5. Combined heat and power (cogeneration) systems.

C) Thermal processing Equipment:-

1. Design and Sizing of various equipment:-

  • Roller Hearth, Screw Hearth, Temper and Aluminum Heat-Treating Furnaces (T5, T6, and T7).

  • Hardening and Walking Beam Furnaces.

  • Part cleaning systems - washers including spray or dunk styles.

  • Quench systems including: spray and immersion using water, salt, and oil.

  • Gas quench systems.

  • Fluidized bed systems for cooling (quenching) and heating.

  • Combustion system design, efficiency, and flue gas emissions for the above systems including direct and indirect firing systems.

  • Various types of heat exchangers, e.g., shell and tube, cross flow, multi-pass systems.

  • Pipeline networks for water, gas, oil and steam.

2. Development of design and Operation Software

  • Developed computer software for the design and sizing of thermal processing equipment.

  • Developed computer software to help users of various types of thermal processing equipment achieve optimum operating conditions, i.e., minimum energy consumption, consistent loading, and higher productivity.




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