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Current Projects

  •  Determination of actual heat transfer rates during quenching processes using high velocity air jets.

  •  Plasma nitriding of stainless steels. The objective is to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the effects of various process parameters on the consistency and effectiveness of ion-nitriding of stainless steels sponsored by Exactatherm Ltd.


  •  Liquid jet impingement cooling (LJIC) and forced boiling heat transfer Sponsored by NSERC.

  •  Incipient Melting of Cast Aluminum Alloys Sponsored by GM Canada.

  •  Numerical Modeling of Heat Treatment of Aluminum Castings.

  •  The Use of Artificial Neural Networks Modeling in the Optimization of Thermal Processing Operations Sponsored by VAC AERO International.

  •  Development of Methods for measuring actual heat transfer rates in industrial furnaces during thermal processes Sponsored by ABERFOYL Metal Treaters.

  • Development of methods for accurate prediction of heat up and soak times of complex shaped parts. (e.g. Aluminum Castings, Tube Bundles, Coils, Layers of Fasteners, etc.) Sponsored in part by ABERFOYL Metal Treaters.

  • Numerical simulation of liquid motion in vibration suppressor tanks Sponsored by TTS Construction.

  • Numerical simulation of convective heat transfer in inclined, complex, and rotating enclosures Sponsored by NSERC.

  • Performance characterization of Liquid-Cooled Heat Sinks Sponsored by R-Theta Inc.




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