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Dr. Mohamed S. Hamed

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Multi-Purpose Furnace

A multi-purpose furnace suitable for a wide range of heat treating operations, featuring: temperature rating= 400-1750 F (200-955 C), direct and indirect firing systems, with and without protective atmospheres, large working area 72 (w) x72 (l) x 36(h) inches, with and without air recirculation and temperature uniformity 10 C.

Quench System

Consists of a 350-gallon main tank, recirculation pump, quenchant temperature control, spray quench using multiple jets with different nozzle sizes and a wide range of jet velocity, both spray and immersion quench capabilities.

Plasma Surface Treatment Unit

A compact plasma heat treating unit equipped with necessary power supply and controls to conduct investigations on a variety of surface treating processes such as sputter cleaning, ion-nitriding, ion-nitro carburizing, vacuum stress relieving, and black oxide treatment.



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